What Are Some of the Current Job Opportunities in Africa?

Rich in natural resources, development projects and vast expanses of workable land, job opportunities in Africa can be abundant for skilled workers seeking to expand their experience.

With a shortage of skilled workers, foreigners are often required to fill the skills gap on various projects across the continent. From offshore oil rig work off the coast of Kenya, all the way to construction jobs in South Africa’s bustling capital cities, engineering positions in developing nations and many other opportunities besides, employers of multi-national and international companies who are based in this part of the world are looking for workers on a regular basis.

Skills Wanted for Job Opportunities in Africa

What type of job opportunities in Africa are offered to those who possess required skilled however, and how can potential applicants take advantage of these opportunities? Some of the job areas that are almost always in highest demand include the following:

  • Engineering. Various engineering positions, including process engineer, planning engineer and civil engineer to name but a few are the job roles that are highest in demand in much of the world, including Africa. As this is a job requiring highly skilled workers, which comprise the smallest section of the job market, engineers certainly have plenty of choice when seeking work. And, with development constantly underway in Africa as bridges, transport links, power facilities and other projects are often seeking skilled engineers to assist with various aspects of planning and implementation.
  • Oil and Gas. It’s no secret that Africa is a strong emerging market for oil and gas development. Both offshore and onshore projects are underway in many parts of the continent, with national oil companies pairing up with large-scale global big players to rebuild infrastructure, explore natural gas reserves and boost the energy sector. From coast to coast, offshore projects are as abundant as land-based projects, ensuring even more variety in jobs for workers in this sector.
  • Construction. Surveying, welding, inspections, quality control, project managers, plumbers, electricians and plasterers are just some examples of construction industry jobs that are always in high demand across Africa and many other parts of the world. Skilled and unskilled workers are needed to complete building projects of all sizes and types, from large government structures to private renovation projects. Skilled trades are particularly advantageous in this industry too, for project management, admin as well as speciality areas requiring a higher degree of expertise.

One of the best ways to explore current job opportunities in Africa is to consider partnering with a professional recruiter for your job search. Extensive experience, industry contacts and a broad understanding of manpower jobs allows recruiters who focus on careers within skilled labour sectors to give you the best chance at finding the right job for your particular qualifications and experience. Browse a list of available job opportunities in Africa that are offered by MECS Africa to get a better idea of the type of jobs that are in demand right now.