Human Resources (HR) and Industrial Relations (IR) Management

We pride ourselves on our high standard of employee HR services and provide a personalised service for each employee of the company, no matter their geographical location or period of employment.

With in-house knowledge and expertise, our comprehensive HR department and network of legal consultants offer essential support and guidance to our clients and employees, ensuring that all parties follow best HR practice and country-specific legal compliance. We have specialist knowledge of labour law, and HR policies and procedures to ensure effective management of HR and IR risks.

We recruit and second employees to various countries and our attention to the labour requirements of each country is key in the relationship that arises from the composition of an outsourced workforce.

Firmly employee-focused, we believe that MECS sets the standard in the provision of service and employee benefits to a workforce. We also provide dedicated on-site personnel to ensure employees’ needs are met. This approach helps employees build a secure and long-standing relationship with MECS.

As a foundation to our HR practices we are a member of the temporary employment services division (TESD).  Formation of the association arose from a concern about levels of non-compliance due to a lack of consensus among TES providers, and absence of a recognised representative body to allow effective regulation of white collar professionals in the TES space.

Our HR Services

MECS provides the following HR services to its clients and employees:

  • Access to an HR system that ensures HR files and payroll records are secure and electronically stored offsite
  • Providing each employee with an HR manual that contains relevant policies and procedures, such as dispute resolution, grievance procedures and disciplinary processes
  • Comprehensive country guides providing travel, security, medial content and alerts
  • Direct access to our HR team and a personal relationship with our HR manager or their respective site agent and payroll administrator
  • A comprehensive employee benefit programme (payroll and lifestyle benefits) supporting our employees and their families while working at home or on a remote site

Legal compliance is also insured in the following areas of HR and payroll management:

  • SARS: Fourth Schedule of the Income Tax Act                    
  • Labour Relations Act
  • Basic Conditions of Employment Act                                      
  • Skills Development Act
  • Employment Equity Act                                                                
  • Occupational Health and Safety Act
  • Unemployment Insurance Fund                                                              
  • Workmen’s compensation
  • Bargaining council compliance
  • Legal status to work and travel on business to foreign countries
  • Employment income exemptions for employees rendering services outside South Africa
  • Employee tax compliance, both in South Africa and cross border