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MECS Africa, focuses on servicing the African continent and boasts significant experience in recruitment and project support across all African countries with a database of over 50,000 candidates. Our diverse team of multilingual consultants have the unique ability to understand the subtle nuances and needs of different cultures which gives MECS the edge in working cross-borders.

Throughout Africa there has been exponential market growth and business development, increasing the demand for skilled labour. MECS has the knowledge and expertise to offer an integrated human resource solution that fully addresses the demands of managing a permanent and temporary workforce. In turn, giving international candidates the opportunity to develop their careers and specialised skill set.

The skills shortage in many countries and the high demand for expertise on projects, has necessitated the expansion of our global footprint. MECS Global affords us this wide international reach.

MECS Global has an extensive network of international service providers and an in-depth knowledge of cross-border projects across various sectors that allow us to provide a comprehensive solution to your manpower needs. Our success lies in having more than 38 years' expertise in providing the perfect candidates while tailoring logistic and mobilisation services for each project. This involves intricate planning to ensure the efficient and timeous placement of project personnel internationally.

MECS also has an Indian-based partnership with Al Taher, a recruitment company fully accredited by the government of India, which recruits professional and skilled workers from India and the Philippines. Incepted in 1979, Al Taher has developed the expertise to deliver complete staffing and payroll services to local and international clients.  This labour supply includes 70 disciplines in the following areas:

  • Civil construction supervisors, skilled and semi-skilled artisans
  • Mechanical and electrical supervisors
  • Sturcutral, rigging and piping supervisors
  • Project support resources, chefs, security guards, paramedics and nurses

South Africa requires an economy that meets the needs of all its citizens in a sustainable manner. This is only possible if the economy builds on the full potential of all its residents and resources across the length and breadth of the country. MECS is fully committed to investing in South Africa’s economic transformation and development strategy.

We aim to facilitate this growth in our vision of being an integral part of sector-wide development and sustainable growth through measurable key deliverables.

MECS Growth is a Level One contributor and recognised for its 135% BBBEE procurement initiatives.


MECS Gov is a service-orientated business that focuses exclusively on manpower management in the government sector. We offer an effective, specialised solution while never compromising on the quality of service provided.

We understand the needs of our clients and are committed to our recruitment process in which clients are communicated to on an ongoing basis and in a transparent manner. Thus improving the speed with which we place candidates.

Our extraordinary team is motivated to exceed all expectations by persevering in the search for the perfect candidate in each position. We provide assurance that your workforce has the appropriate level of skill, certification, qualification and experience to meet project demands.


MECS has offered exceptional Human Resources services for more than three decades, delivering high calibre candidates to its clients. Recently added to our manpower services portfolio of expertise is the agricultural sector.

MECS Agri’s focus is on servicing a niche sector through executing two important value propositions:

  • Creating the best employment opportunities the market has to offer and, in turn, attracting the highest calibre of candidates
  • Understanding our clients’ skilled labour requirements and their business, both technically and geographically

MECS Agri is well positioned to react effectively and timeously to the demands of manpower management in the agricultural sector. The company’s strong candidate database and solid experience on the ground in various African countries have established MECS as the preferred recruitment supplier to a variety of companies internationally.

Agriculture Facts

  • The United Nations estimates the global population to reach 9.6-billion by 2050
  • Food security is becoming a serious global issue caused by increasing populations, climatic uncertainty and the shortage of arable land
  • Agriculture is by far the world’s largest business. The livelihoods of approximately 2.6-billion people, 40% of the world’s population, depend on it
  • 60% of the world’s uncultivated arable land is lying unused in Africa
  • Sustainable agricultural education and training in Africa is crucial to the continent’s growth and development