Who We Are

MECS is a proudly South African service-orientated organisation that focuses on custom-made manpower management solutions, and as a 51% Black Female Owned B-BBEE Level 1 QSE, we have a strong local presence. Further to this, our service offering footprint extends far beyond the borders of South Africa, with decades of experience supporting international permanent and temporary employment recruitment needs throughout Africa, the Middle East, Northern and Southern America, Europe and Asia.

Since 1981, MECS has expertly offered a range of flexible and tailored recruitment, temporary employment services (TES), payroll, mobilisation logistics, managed service provider, response handling and employee benefits solutions to various industries, including Power Generation, Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Production and Manufacturing, Agriculture, Construction, Marine, Automotive, Medical, Mining, FMCG and Hospitality. 

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Being a privately-owned company, we value and nurture the relationships we have with all our stakeholders; you are not just another number to us. As such, we are able to negate time-consuming and redundant red tape. As we live our vision and mission through an inclusive strategy and teamwork, our streamlined management and empowered team are able to make quick decisions, avoiding bottlenecks and ensuring progress.

As a trusted partner by both candidates and clients, compliance is a critical and non-negotiable element of the inner workings of MECS. We strive to be progressive and forward-thinking, making us adaptable without ever compromising on quality.


MECS offers integrated, turn-key solutions encompassing the full range of recruitment services from Permanent and International Direct Hire, to outsourced workforces and critical skills contractors, locally and internationally.

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MECS Specilised Services

Our team of subject-matter expert recruiters consult with clients and candidates to find the right skills and culture match. Our dedicated staff uphold our strong reputation to deliver the best CVs, not the first CVs, of candidates that are sourced, screened, thoroughly interviewed and competency checked.

We pride ourselves on our intimate industry experience and knowledge of specific sectors, proactively talent mapping where shortfalls are identified.

MECS has a strong understanding of the intricacies involved with international recruitment, from sourcing through to mobilisation of candidates globally.

One of MECS’ unique business offerings comes in the form of hosting bulk recruitment workshops, which enables us to present our clients with a large volume of high-calibre candidates. MECS has successfully undertaken numerous large-scale campaigns, hosting cross-departmental proponents from leading oil and gas, petrochemical, mining, power utility, agriculture, manufacturing and transportation companies in the Middle East and Africa, to mention a few.

Great effort is taken to understand our clients’ operational and project needs, challenges and nuances. This ensures a shared understanding which enables us to quickly find solutions that are a best fit.

We provide quality employees, who have completed the recruitment and on-boarding processes, including, where necessary, employee benefits, medivac, visa obtainment, travel and lodging, locally and internationally.

A cornerstone of our employee-centric culture and the growth of our business is further defined by securing the best employment opportunities the market has to offer. This extensive solution offering includes employee salary structuring and tax planning. We are also able to offer temporary employees holistic local support including: long-term corporate housing rentals, leased company vehicles, mobile phone and data contracts, IT hardware, site-based inductions and access permit processing

The Right People, On Time, Every Time

MECS provides customised solutions which include the on-boarding and mobilisation of bulk unskilled, semi-skilled and skilled temporary employees, creating operational flexibility for the different phases of the project life cycle.

All our employees are fully vetted prior to commencement of assignment. Our hands-on involvement in the employee lifecycle includes on-site management, payroll, human resources and industrial relations and reporting.

As a compliant employer, MECS operates within the parameters of the law and ensures compliance to all Acts, including, but not limited, to BCEA, LRA, EEA, UIF and COIDA.

Our payroll bureau supports all outsourced payroll needs with discretion, confidentiality and proficiency. We ensure that our clients and their employees are compliant with tax- and payroll-related legislation. MECS offers a comprehensive payroll service for our clients’ monthly, fortnightly and weekly payroll cycles.

Our payroll bureau incorporates various tax modules, geared specifically for companies paying expatriate employees in a number of countries, producing reports for various legislative authorities, and ensuring workforce compliance with tax legislation.

The use of our payroll and human resources management system provides a sophisticated, yet uncomplicated, solution for small to medium organisations.

Whether mobilising into or out of South Africa, MECS has an in-depth knowledge of international projects across various sectors, as well as secure relationships with local and international service providers. Consequently, we are able to offer a comprehensive project and logistical solution for the mobilisation of expatriate crews globally, on a temporary employment or permanent recruitment basis. Logistics services are customised for each client and involve intricate planning to ensure the efficient and timeous placement of personnel world-wide.

We offer our clients the following project support services:

Visas, work permits, medicals (including prophylactics and vaccinations), pre-departure orientations, overnight accommodation and airport transfers, commercial and charter flights for domestic, regional and international travel, police clearances, qualification and document verification, attestation and ratification, medical evacuation for temporary employees seconded to sites outside of South Africa, procurement of personal protective equipment, IT hardware, mobile phones and equipment required for site-based works.

MECS also supports the demobilisation process, which entails ensuring that employees and their families are returned safely to their country of residence at the end of the contract period or during rest periods.

MECS takes primary responsibility for our client’s contingent workforce programme, or sections thereof. This includes overall management, reporting and tracking, supplier selection and management, order distribution and consolidated invoicing. This solution allows our clients to focus on their core business with peace of mind
that their staff are in good hands with MECS.

In today’s highly complex working environment, employers need to stay on top of the fast-changing and diverse legislation in respect of employee benefit programmes. This can impact heavily on businesses, to the point where it can become expensive in terms of time and resources, as well as costs incurred.

At MECS, our focus is on providing an efficient, personalised and hands-on support service to employers in respect of their retirement funds, so they are free to concentrate on running their businesses, secure in the knowledge that their retirement fund is being managed by professionals.

Our employee benefits services to businesses include:

Retirement funds encompassing pension funds, provident funds and corporate retirement annuities
Group risk cover (life, disability and severe illness)
Medical aid schemes
Funeral cover
Accident policies and medical insurance

MECS understands the fast-paced nature of today’s working environment, with productivity being the most important factor. We assist clients with the most time-consuming part of the recruitment process; response handling. As we are a company that embraces technology, the entire process is completed digitally. All candidates are asked the same questions ensuring fairness and compliance. MECS’ process ensures quick turn-around times to clients and because these assignments are quoted per project, we save our clients both time and money.