The Most Interesting Engineering Jobs of 2014

Graduates and post-graduates searching for engineering jobs may already have some idea of which field of engineering they wish to enter, with many already in the process of specialising their skill sets accordingly.

But while many will likely follow the opportunities, interests and even potential financial rewards of their chosen speciality areas, some daydream about the type of jobs that allow engineers to get to play in space, with robots, toys and other cool things. If you fall into the latter category, keep reading to find out some of the most interesting engineering jobs that actually exist in the real world. Who knows? You may even get some useful insight into how you too could end up making that dream job a reality!

Dream Engineering Jobs That Actually Exist
These engineers have taken their careers to a whole new level, working in some of the world’s biggest industries in ways that you may not have even known were possible. Here are some of the real-life jobs in engineering that prove that sometimes, daydreams can come true:

1.     Racing Engineer

Mike Coughlan works as a technical director for a Formula One motor racing company. With his honours in mechanical engineering, Mike’s primary job is to oversee the technical management of Team Arrows. A typical workday includes work every weekend, but also includes travel to every Grand Prix event and time at the test track. Principles he uses on a daily basis include aerodynamic efficiency (equals lift over drag) efficiency of strength to weight and efficiency of stiffness to weight.

2.     Bioengineer

James F. Antaki works at a major hospital in the United States, with his official title being Director of Artificial Heart Research. His main role focuses on the technology that links theoretical knowledge and the healthcare environment, and his bachelor of science in mechanical engineering helped him advance in his role. Typical responsibilities include applied research in safety and efficiency of mechanical circulatory support, the design and development of medical device tools for blood contact as well as advising students working within his team.

3.     Space Engineer

Doug Stanley is living proof that engineers really can have the chance to rocket off to space. He works as a Space Launch Initiative Program Manager for an aerodynamics company, building launch and space systems. With a number of qualifications that vary from a bachelor of science in mathematics, to astronautical engineering as well as his current studying for a Ph.D. in systems engineering, Doug focuses his skills on projects aiming to replace the space shuttle with a reusable launch system.

4.     Special-Effects Engineer

Brian Poole works at a large studio in Hollywood as a hydraulic engineer. His bachelor of science in mechanical engineering got him on track with his career, which has a number of job responsibilities such as the design and management of various systems and mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic components, technical design, analysis, project management and troubleshooting.

5.     Toy Engineer

Isaak Volynsky designs new toy technologies that help improve the quality of toys while staying on budget. Working for one of the world’s biggest toy manufacturers as director of new technology, his degrees in both mechanical and manufacturing engineering went a long way in helping improve his skill set for this industry. He uses a number of principles that focus on assembly and manufacturing on a daily basis.
As you can see, engineering jobs do not have to be limited to construction or computers – with many fields out there, finding the career that truly inspires you may be simpler than you think!